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Red Piston Inc. - Mobile App Design & Development - Windsor, Ontario, Canada & Detroit, Michigan

Posted 3 months ago

Me-ify Potty Star!

Check out another awesome Red Piston Inc / Out of the Blue Collaboration!

This is the perfect app for children who are potty training, it’s funny , entertaining and you can even customize the book portion with your child’s name, habits and make the main character a cartoon version of him or her!

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Check it out! Our newly released Superwhy Phonics game is also prominently featured by Apple themselves!

Posted 3 months ago

Check it out! Our newly released Superwhy Phonics game that we worked on for our awesome clients Out of the Blue Entertainment has broken the top paid (kids) charts! Actually it was in the top 10 for 3 weeks !

Posted 8 months ago

AA - This is a big one! For several months and countless hours we’ve been working hard on the next generation physical toy to virtual world experience and it’s out finally.  Creating our own tech you can buy these Bratz Super Heroez Toys and each doll has it’s own AR training game, fashion game and a huge adventure game (Update will release the whole adventure)

Check it out on shelves of Toys R US, Wallmart (were I took this pic), Target and all other major retailers. Check the app out at

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Canadian Software Firm Red Piston Happy to be in Detroit | Xconomy

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Dave and Chuck the Freak’s Kick-Ass Game


We’re excited to launch the long-awaited return of Dave and Chuck “the Freak” to the public spotlight - this time as a video game! That’s right, Dave and Chuck “The Freak’s” Kick Ass game has arrived! 

The Evil Mayor has captured Lisa Way, and it’s up to Dave & Chuck to battle Vanilla Rice and others along the way to saving Lisa! So quit jerkin’ it and download it now:

Itunes link

google play link



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We played some of our games on Ouya, so far so good, next step actually porting something properly to use the controllers!

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This is a huge honour for Red Piston Inc.

This is a huge honor for Red Piston Inc. Not only are we a Qualcomm preferred Vuforia Vendor but they went so far to feature us extensively on their new Vuforia site! Can’t wait to show them whats next! Stay tuned!

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Red Piston nominated for a Digi Award!

This is cool,the paper mentioned our Digi nomination, for the record we lost but still a huge honor to be nominated again.